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Will Conceicao

Sales Training

Every individual, at every time and place is engaging in selling one thing or another. The thing being sold could be an idea, an opinion, a skill, a product or a service and what determines whether or not what you are selling is being bought is dependent on your selling ability. Many have lost out on getting their life time opportunity with people who can facilitate their dreams and aspirations all because they were not able to sell what they had successfully to the other party or parties involved. The world need to know what you have and what you carry, which the only way they can fully be aware of this is if you are well equipped to pass on the right message to the right people at the right time to get the right results. Every successful and influential individual had to sell himself/herself at the starting point of their journey and this had turned them out to the great moguls in their various fields of engagement- think of what the world would be like if Steve Jobs and Wozniak were not able to sell their products aright.

No organization can survive without good sales people to sell their products. Even if we are talking about a non-profit organization, they still have to sell their ideas as free service to those who can support them financially. In many companies, about 80 to 90 percent of their profits come from sales and the most successful people sometimes make more money than their CEOs, so why not learn about it? This training would include: Breaking the Ice – Building Rapport – The Importance of Knowing the Product and Applying It Accordingly – The Profile of a Champion Closing Strategy – Celebrating the Sales- Client for Life – Learn How to Sell Anything and Let the World Buy It from You!

Many have reduced sales as the ability of an individual to cajole others into buying what they don’t need, which some sales individuals engage in but at the upcoming training you would be exposed to how to constructively sell yourself, your product and/or your personal brand. There has been increased technological advancements in the past decade which has facilitated sales beyond the traditional notions of individuals. At the upcoming sales training we would also be exploring the various channels and media which every individual must explore to be successful at selling himself to the right audience and through the right means.

Motivational Growth Training

Having the right motivation is the key to achieving set goals, either individualistic or company goals; the right motivation is key. Some individuals at various offices attach their work motivation to money- the amount of money they are being paid or in some cases, when they would be paid the next salary or wage. As much as money could be a good motivator, it shouldn’t be the basis for carrying out your activities. There is a need for every individual to have the kind of motivation that is propelled through answering value based questions. Have you ever commence on a project and after going about halfway through with the project, you suddenly lose interest in completing the project or tried making certain resolutions for the new year but three months into the year, you have suddenly lost the drive to pull through with your resolution. These occurred due to a stall in growth of your motivation.

As you progress in life, achieving your goals and building your vision of having a most meaningful life, your motivation and drive ought to grow as you advance. The shunting of your motivational growth would result in the non-achievement of what you have set out before you. A reason why a number of individuals have almost zero motivation is because they did not keep reminding themselves on why they set out to achieve their goals with the initial motivation. During the course, we would be giving you insight on how to keep your mind stayed on your kick-starting motivation, we would be guiding you on what to do in feeding your mind to have the right kind of motivation and not lose sight of what you have set out to achieve. On your journey to achieving your goals, a reminder of your initial motivation would also provide you with the drive you need to overcome various obstacles that you may come across.

So many people go through their entire lives without knowing what their passion was in the world and their purpose for living. One of the reasons many will never know is because they will never push themselves to their limits. You have to be able to push yourself to your limit if you really want to leave a mark here in this world. On a particular day, while watching Jim Rohn speak, he asked his audience the question “How tall will a tree grow?” and the answer gotten was “As tall as it possibly can!” also he asked “How tall will a human being grow?” to which the person involved responded “I don’t know, it depends!”. This is because we as humans have been given the right to choose how tall we want to grow. Amazing, isn’t it?! This training is very dynamic in nature, enthusiastic and emphasises the importance of attitude that comes from within, the importance of concentrating your energy in order to prepare you to find your passion and make the most of it.

Remember: Don’t settle for less than what God expects you to.

The art of Leadership Training

It is commonly said that some are born leaders, some develop themselves into becoming leaders and some are not meant to be leaders in any regards. Actually, everyone is a leader in one form or another. Be it leading just a single person, you are still a leader. If you think there is no leadership attribute, in you, be well assured that it is in you even though you can’t see it now.

It is not enough to have solely the attribute of being a leader but also have the efficacy of a leader. The essence of a leader is being able to channel the energy generate by your follower into the right direction to achieve a desired result.

There is always a need to lead, there is always to have that one person to carry pack forward and that requires stepping up to it when the need arises or appointed to. There are individuals who shy away from leadership opportunities because they think they are not just called out for things as such, wanting someone else to take the stand instead of you. As a potential leader, you need to understand that there are qualities, knowledge and experiences embedded in you that others can benefit from and being called out to lead others should be seen as an opportunity to impact the lives of others and influence them rightly not just in the achievement of your own cause but also in making your followers better than they were before they came under your leadership.

Henry Ford said, you can be a boss without being a leader but you can’t be a leader without being a boss. Leaders are always ahead, guiding, making people do what they don’t want to do and more than that, making them enjoy it. Being a leader doesn’t mean you know it all and you have all there is to lead your followers but it is also an opportunity for you to grow and to become a better person also than you were before you became their leader. This would be give you an opportunity to build a legacy for yourself and the World, by the replication of the great things in yourself into many other individuals. This training will help you discover the leader on your inside, be a leader instead of being a boss and will help you transform lives as well as be transformed by the leadership calling.

How to Gain Momentum of Money

To be successful in life you have to begin somewhere and you have to continue to improve constantly, the same is for an athlete as well as for an employee and in the financial aspect of life. The world is in constant movement spinning around itself and around the sun at the same time, our heart never stops unless you are dead, to achieve success financially you also have to create momentum and strive to keep up with it.

The division of social status into the strata of class is done based on how every individual has been able to move himself forward financially. Persons who have been born into well-to-do families may make a consideration of the unimportance of gaining momentum of money but they actually do. At any point where an individual believes he/she doesn’t need to gain financial momentum, the diminishing of that person’s finances would take a southward direction. A large percentage of individuals are not in the top percentage of the social strata and therefore, more often than not get into one form of debt either through mortgage, college fund debt, credit card debt, but with proper planning every individual can actually become financially free of the tangles which debt brings, or learn to use it as an asset just as many multimillionaires and billionaires do instead of having it as a liability following you for the rest of your life like poor and middle class people do.

Every move you make with your money, whether it is by spending, creating a budget to get out of debt, to travel, to pay off school, buying a house, buying a car, donating to charity, having an emergency found, investing in real state, funding your Roth IRA, as well as every minute and every hour of your time counts tremendously towards building momentum with money in order to become financially independent and living a life that only few are able to.

In talking about money, I would state the obvious by saying that taking the first step to get your goals achieve is not the easiest thing because there would always be need for your funds to service one thing or another as expenditure would always rise to meet the level of an individual’s income. During the training, we would be giving you strategies which you can employ to gain that financial momentum which you want to get. Even when it seems as though you cannot see the tangible results of your actions towards gaining financial momentum, we would be giving you strategies on what to do in order to keep your motivation intact at all times so you can become financially independent and have money work for you instead of you working for money.

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