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Eres el éxito que estás buscando: Ríndete ante tu sueño, y tu sueño se rendirá ante ti (Spanish Edition) – Will Conceicao
Will Conceicao

Eres el éxito que estás buscando: Ríndete ante tu sueño, y tu sueño se rendirá ante ti (Spanish Edition)




“Will Conceição has the talent to motivate you when you least expect, his experience as a leader and a coach all over Brazil and in some states of the USA is contagious. I am sure this book will help you to find inspiration to continue to strive for excellence in this World.”
—Dr. Silas Marques,
Andrews University

“I met Will Conceição when he worked for a leading global IT firm in our Google LCS- Large Customer Sales project. Will is a force of nature, his willingness to help others, always ready to serve and transform people’s lives with his insights are contagious. This book is definitely a must read one. “
—Sivakumar Venkatesan,
Senior Manager – Leading IT Service Provider

“In the year 2002 in Santos-SP, I had the privilege of meeting and leading one of the people I admire the most, Will Conceição, a special friend to me. Allow me to sincerely put some of his most positive points in my point of view.
Will Conceição, a man of God, optimistic, cheerful, always happy about life, incredible ability to overcome obstacles and tests, above average intelligence, great capacity for interpersonal relationship, visionary dreamer, among many others, I cannot fail to mention, a loyal friend.
Dear reader, I say with assurance that this book will contribute richly, with our way of facing life, because the desire of God is our success in all areas. May we draw great lessons from it and be even more motivated to face daily or biggest obstacles.
My great friend Wilson, our great thank you for giving us such a profound work. May God continue to guide you.”
—Pr. Francis Miller, 16 years of pastoral ministry, worked for 13 as a
Publishing Director in several States of Brazil
for the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

“From the day we met, I’ve been intrigued by Will Conceição’s tenacity to directly attack every obstacle set in front of him. He exudes confidence and strength, and this is what most effectively impacts those he has influence over. Continued success my brother. ”
—Dwaine Bramwell, Wells Fargo Bank –
Vice President Internal Investigations Sr. Mgr

“I have known Will Conceição for more than 5 years now, his spirit of service to God and others never stopes to amazes me. Will has a very particular spirit of perseverance in which I have observed in very few people. His trust and confidence in God has brought blessings upon him and his family beyond measure. And I know that this same confidence and trust in God will carry him very far in life until God’s mission in him has been completed.”
—Pastor Abner Rodriguez,
Texas Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

“Will Conceição is a visionary leader who seeks to empower and encourage individuals in different environments. I am sure that this book is just the first of many more yet to come”
—Elmer A. Guzman, Ph.D. (c), Seventh-day Adventist pastor.


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