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About Will Conceição – Will Conceicao
Will Conceicao
Will Conceicao: Motivational Speaker, Preacher & Leader

Will Conceicao: Motivational Speaker, Preacher & Leader

Will Conceição was born in the slums of São Paulo, Brazil, the son of uneducated parents. He has risen to the top of the world in life by believing that it doesn’t matter where you came from—what matters is where you are heading; whatever your circumstances are, they don’t matter as long as you are willing to do something about them. He believes that the odds against you can’t be bigger than your burning desire to go for more, to strive for the best in life. Les Brown said, “Always strive to get on top in life because it’s the bottom that’s overcrowded.” At the age of twenty, Will decided to study English on his own. He didn’t learn much from the public school in the slum area where he grew up. He persevered to study on his own, and as his English improved, the Seventh Day Adventist Church formally invited him to go to the USA as a missionary. After serving as a missionary for one year, and working for Review and Herald for 4 years Will then decided to continue his education in the USA. He is currently working on his MBA at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. His passion is to help others overcome great obstacles in life; he wants to inspire them to reach for a better life.

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